Zavidovići Declared Europe’s First “Bat-Friendly City”

In a groundbreaking event at the Mayor’s Office, Zavidovići has been officially declared Europe’s inaugural “Bat-Friendly City” through the signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation. This historic memorandum, signed by key stakeholders, including the Civic Association “Fojničani” Maglaj, the Sports and Scientific Research Club “Atom” Zavidovići, the Center for Karst and Speleology Sarajevo, and the City of Zavidovići, marks a significant milestone in promoting biodiversity conservation in the region.

This initiative stems from a growing awareness of the crucial role bats play in maintaining the delicate balance of ecosystems in Zavidovići and Europe as a whole.

Diverse Bat Species in Zavidovići

Zavidovići is home to a rich variety of bat species, each with its unique characteristics and ecological significance. Some of the remarkable bat species found in Zavidovići include:

  1. *Common Pipistrelle Bat (Pipistrellus pipistrellus): This small bat is known for its agile flying skills and is a commonly occurring species in Zavidovići.
  2. *Noctule Bat (Nyctalus noctula): With its impressive size and distinctive red fur, the noctule bat is a striking presence in the skies above Zavidovići.
  3. *Daubenton’s Bat (Myotis daubentonii): This species specializes in catching insects above the water surface and contributes to the preservation of water quality in the region.
  4. *Brown Long-Eared Bat (Plecotus auritus): With its notably large ears, the brown long-eared bat is a fascinating species that captures various prey items, contributing to the ecosystem.

This diverse bat community plays a crucial role in maintaining the balance in local ecosystems by regulating insect populations, which in turn benefits local agriculture and public health.

Preserving Bats and Their Natural Habitat

The signed Memorandum of Cooperation pledges support for a range of initiatives aimed at safeguarding bats and preserving their natural habitats. These efforts encompass scientific research, ongoing monitoring of bat populations, and the establishment of suitable bat roosts throughout the city. Additionally, educational panels will be installed to inform residents about the vital ecological role that bats fulfill in the Zavidovići ecosystem.

A Vision for the Future

The ultimate goal of this Memorandum is not only to ensure the conservation of bat species within Zavidovići but also to position the city as a leader in the protection of these invaluable creatures and the broader environment. This commitment extends not only throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina but also across Europe. Zavidovići aspires to set an example for other communities interested in preserving biodiversity and maintaining a healthy and balanced ecosystem.


The declaration of Zavidovići as Europe’s first “Bat-Friendly City” represents a significant step forward in biodiversity conservation and ecological awareness. By championing the cause of bats, Zavidovići sets a commendable precedent for municipalities across the continent to follow. This initiative serves as a testament to the power of local action in preserving the natural world that sustains us all.

For more information on this significant development and the ongoing efforts to protect bats in Zavidovići, stay tuned to our website for updates.